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Vanity Syndicate News

By: Soto - February 19th

Featured Streamer: Soto(Effotap)

Currently Live on Twitch TV! Thanks for over 1000 views!~



Watch live video from Effotap's Gaming Shack on

By: Gorthen - February 8th

Forum Cleanup!

Our forums is filled with old post and content from back in WTLK and early cata that will be sorted and removed soon! Look for newer posts made by Gorthen and Soto for guild related news and updates!


By: Soto - February 6th

The Time Has Come...

The time has come, for Vanity Syndicate, to restructure and rebuild with hope to return to what we once were.


The Following post is for Applicants and Actual Members aswell.

If something goes down and you miss the boat, the only person to blame is yourself.  This site will constantly be updated with news, events and such as we once more, grow strong again.  Recruitement is now OPEN to all classes with no exceptions, except a set average item level of 380 and over and a minimal IQ of 60.


We currently have a 10men doing heroic DragonSoul every week, and working in Firelands aswell to provide people more legendary staves.  We are trying to have a second 10men group going which I believe requires only 2 more, 1 being a tank.  I have no intentions of recruiting people and not have them raid, but please consider we are restructuring, to get back into 25men raids, which means you might not raid in your 1st week in, but you will get there.  That being said, I encourage people to join their alts aswell, and if you are a born-leader, you migth be 1 of the 2 we are looking for our 2nd group (composed of actual main raiders, unless there's enough recruits, and actual main raid leader) since I want to pull some weight off our actual raid leader, it would be nice to have someone else capable of leading a raid, as a Guild Leader, I prefer being Neutral in raids and just do my job, and get involved if need be.


All these efforts are pointing towards one goal, get competitive once more and be ready for Mist of Pandaria, have our 25men raid going as soon as people are level capped once more!


If you have any questions, feel free to either register here and post in the Public Forums, or, Contact us in-game.


.:: Contacts ::.

  • Melee/Ranged DPS: Deamia, Invalidex


  • Caster DPS/Tank: Gorthen, Invalidex


  • Healers: Soto, Absorbz


Application Form can be found on the right end side of this site.  -->



By: Gorthen - February 5th

Tried to beat Deamia on DPS the other night...

  • Soto: you cant win.
By: Soto - January 30th

Rebuilding VS, Live Streams, 25men Raids etc.


This post will be updated throughout the evening or possibly tomorrow during my lunchtime. The following lines will address hot topics discussed recently in the Vanity Syndicate's ventrilo. Before people starts spamming me questions left and right, please wait until this post is fully completed (You know my type of posts).

First of all, I'd like to draw your attention to the new LIVE Streams Section, located to the right end side of the navigation bar. I am looking towards adding more streams there. If you have a stream running on raid nights, let me know, i'll have it listed there.

(paused, 5:59pm EST to be continued...)

By: Soto - January 26th

The Return...

Hello World,

This is Soto, Guild Leader of Vanity Syndicate, US-Arthas. I would like to announce that Vanity Syndicate is currently restructuring it's roster in order to become, once again, competitive. Upon my return to the game I met other people who ended up being an important part of Vanity Syndicate, one of them being Gorthen. Through the next days, Gorthen alongside other Commanders and Officers such as Deamia, Invalidex and myself, will explore the possibilities of expanding once again into a 25men raid guild.

For now, we have closed recruitement, to avoid giving false expectations to people, but stay tuned, this website will be updated in the following days, including a LIVE Stream section where you can observe Live PoVs from our different Raiders.

If you have any questions feel free to address us in game on US-Arthas or by e-mail to

Until then... Lok'Tar Ogar!

By: Deley - April 6th

Open Recruitment

Vanity Syndicate is looking for exceptional players to add some more variety to our raids. Core raid spots are available to certain classes/specs listed below, but anyone interested is encouraged to apply.


Core Positions



Druid (Feral Tank or Restoration)

Paladin (Protection)

Shaman (Enhancement, Elemental or Restoration)


Death Knight (DPS or Tank)


Again, we encourage interested individuals who may not be of the above classes/specs to apply as raid spots are competitive and one can be poached from a current raider.

By: Deley - April 1st

The World is Saying Hello

As you may know, Vanity Syndicate has an amazing past that we could write a novel about. But, because I am writing this news update and not Soto, I will spare you the novel. Instead, this is the abridged version that will provide some insight to where we are going with the future of Vanity Syndicate.

Many of our core members had their beginnings on US-Moon Guard where we were in the guild Clergy of the Holy Light. From classic through The Burning Crusade we merely provided aid to those brave players who were directly fighting evil forces that threatened Azeroth. As the Wrath of the Lich King approached, a few of us decided it was our time to be heroes. We set out to defeat the Lich King ourselves. Unfortunately, we were unable to amass an army capable of this feat on Moon Guard and instead ventured over to Arthas to beat him on his own terms and in his own house. Upon our arrival on Arthas, we quickly began to execute our master plan. We infiltrated One Divided by Zero, but in our haste we failed to secure the guild bank. Devastated by this oversight, we retreated into the shadows with our new allies and Vanity Syndicate was born with not a single piece gold to our names.

Now that I have shared with you the past of Vanity Syndicate, I will provide a glimpse of what is yet to come in our future. The absence of many of our players lately has not been in vain, for they have been working hard. With that being said, we are extremely proud to announce that we have now expanded outside the World of Warcraft to free other worlds from the clutches of evil.



Vanity Syndicate has expanded to Hello Kitty Online! Find <Vanity Syndicat> us on US/Canada-Magical where we have been helping players in numerous ways. We have been tending to their farms, helping them travel through dangerous areas to reach London and Paris, and working on completing the railroad so that players can transverse these areas with ease. These are just a handful of the adventures we have had and will have in the days to come. Despite having switched gears to HKO so soon, we have already had a geat deal of success. We managed to finish the Kerropi Surfing Event which has given other endgame guilds trouble, and a few nights ago finally killed the Angry Boxpig.




We are in the process of adding an application section for those interested in joining <Vanity Syndicat> on HKO. Those interested might be able to find Deley on World of Warcraft depending on whether HKO servers are down or not. We'll see you out there.


  • Soto: *seal of approval*
  • Phoenixdr: LOL! Hahaha! I WANT A HIGHFIVE HELM TOO?
  • Tenebron: Are you going to enchant that hanger or not ? nub
By: Deley - March 17th

Raiding & Recruiting

Since our last update Vanity Syndicate has added disenchanting Heroic Atramedes and Maloriak loots to our weekly routine. But rather than turn these shiny purples into Maelstrom Crystals, there is now a chance they can be yours!


We have now opened up recruiting to exceptional players of select classes/specs for core raid spots. If you are one of the classes/specs listed below and have nearly full epics you are in luck and I suggest you send in an application if you're interested in raiding heroic content.


Frost or Unholy Death Knight


Holy/Discipline Priest

Feral Druid (DPS or Tank)

Protection Paladin

Elemental Shaman

Restoration Shaman



Send a whisper to Deley in game if you have any questions. See you out there,

  • Soto: *likes* I also uploaded a few new Screenshots in the Gallery, I failed to SS our Chimaeron and Atramedes 1st's lol ><
  • Vespers: I'm an aspiring resto shaman!
  • Ezno: AM A ROUGE
By: Deley - February 18th

Stop Hitting Yourself



It's time for an update! Mainly because we haven't had one in a bit so here it is.


Our adventures in heroics have been going well (currently 2/13) thanks to our great team of raiders who make these things possible on our quick 3 day raiding schedule.


If you would like to also be a part of our heroic adventures, some of you are in luck. We have now opened recruiting to select classes/specs to improve on our 25m raid.



This Week's Raiders

(Short list due to the lack of entries this update)



<Tenebron>         <Jtshape>




Tenebron and Jtshape catching some bug  lars after chillin in the batcav

  • Vespers: This picture still makes me laugh.

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